Nigel Farage: We've beaten Socialism in the U.K. - we can do it in America

May 18, 2021 / 685 views

Nigel Farage comes out talking down on socialism, wanting to beat it like it owes us money, no pun intended. Socialism to me is eating rats for breakfast in Venezuela. Do you know how hard it is to catch a rat with your bare hands?

WBAP reported

The fall of Brexit, he [Farage] said, was “the biggest geopolitical shift since the fall of the Berlin wall.” But the good news for America, he added, is “the socialist Labour Party has gone so far left and has embraced cancel culture” that it is “happy to talk down everything” about the U.K.’s history.

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“Socialism in England right now is unconscious on its back on the floor,” Farage said. “We’ve beaten socialism, too, and you know something? If we can do that, against the entirety of the global establishment, America can come back and score fantastic wins, too.”

The grassroots should not be “down and disillusioned,” he said, “and that’s what I’m here trying to inspire.”

At a recent stop in Michigan, Farage asked the crowd, “Do you have the worst governor in the whole of the U.S.?” He then assured them it is “darkest before dawn, but provided you keep your nerve and keep your results, it’s amazing what you can achieve. Free people never, ever willingly want to give up the right to govern themselves!”

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Farage’s “America’s Comeback Tour” is being held in association with FreedomWorks.

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