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No, Joe Biden And Beto Aren't Coming For Your Guns And Here's Why

March 6, 2020 / 458 views

Remember Beto O'Rourke? Well, He endorsed Joe Biden and the pair had lunch at a little restaurant. They were talking about some random things and perhaps guns came up in the conversation.

Joe Biden looked into the camera and starts talking awkwardly about Beto, giving him a few compliments. Biden suggests that if he wins the presidency, that he's coming for HIM.

Some people are suggesting that Biden was talking about our guns, and maybe if Biden wins, he would actually hire Beto for some sort of gun program, but there's something everyone seems to have forgotten.


Here's what Biden said, word for word:

And by the way, this guy can change the face of what we’re dealing with, with regard to guns — assault weapons — with regard to dealing with climate change, and I just want — I’m warning Amy, if I win, I’m coming for him. (Fact Check)

For starters, Biden isn't even the DNC nominee yet. He still has to defeat Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard.


Second, if Biden wins the nomination, he still has to defeat Trump in an election and that's a mountain of a task to begin with. I don't know anyone who's talking very highly of any of the Democrats at this point, but he's definitely got some supporters.

Third, let's say Biden is the nominee and actually beats Trump in 2020. That puts Biden in the White House and let's pretend Biden asks Beto to lead some sort of program that people would say "they're coming after our guns." Who's to say Beto would actually say yes to that? What if Beto doesn't want to work for Biden?

To top that off, anything that Biden would want to push through, wouldn't it have to pass through the proper protocol first? So if Biden was actually pushing some crazy gun law, then what are the chances it would actually pass?

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And let's really speculate on this one - what if Biden and Beto really did come for your guns?

I don't think that would turn out very well, do you?

So no, Biden and Beto are not coming for anyone's guns. Anyone saying they are should check their gun cabinet and see that their arsenal is still there and no one's knocking on their door.

Source: factcheck

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