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NY Times accused of 'Left Wing Hack' analysis of pandemic coverage

April 3, 2020 / 512 views

Benny Johnson officially calls out the New York Times and how they covered the right wing coverage of the pandemic. Johnson posted a video of Tucker Carlson analyzing their analysis, going through several instances involving the NY Times, at which one point he says "blame Fox News."

Johnson calls out the NY Times, saying "the New York Times is Pathetic. They actually published an article in February titled "Who Says It's Not Safe To Travel To China?" Left Wing Hacks"

The mainstream media on the left and right would be best to focus on the outbreak and giving us Americans the most accurate information possible, then going back to hating each other when we recover.


Now is the time for unity, and when it's all over, then fall back into the partisan path that so many media outlets have followed.

Either way, we're here for you guys and gals out there!

Source: twitter

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