Ocasio-Cortez explains why she supports Bernie Sanders

It's a really good thing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is only 30-years-old, because I would not want to see her running for president. Here she tries to explain why she supports the rich old white socialist male, Bernie Sanders. I thought "The Squad" wanted more diversity and not rich, white, males, in America? So why is she supporting one?

Miranda Devine chimed in on AOC and Bernie:

The Bronx and Queens congresswoman was Sanders’ secret weapon in Nevada, wooing the crucial Latino voters who propelled him to victory, and injecting much-needed ethnic, gender and age diversity into his campaign. Without her, he’s just another grouchy old lefty howling into the wind.


Whether Sanders wins the party’s nomination or is swindled out of it, his 30-year-old protégé will carry on his work of transforming the Democratic Party, using her new political action committee to bring on a slew of female clones to challenge establishment candidates around the country

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