OJ Simpson goes Full 2020, records video response to Jeffrey Toobin incident

October 20, 2020 / 2.6K views

If you thought 2020 was weird, well then it just got weirder. Famed and disgraced NFL legend OJ Simpson recorded a video response to the Jeffrey Toobin Zoom Dick incident where he was allegedly caught wacking it during a conference call. Allegedly, of course. I did not confirm if the Zoom Dick was his or not, but I'll let the big news sources handle that.

Anyway, OJ Simpson brings Pee Wee Herman back into the spotlight and reminds us that he was once caught pulling the pud as well, but his incident was at least in an appropriate setting. Oh boy, how times have changed and 2020 keeps getting weirder. If you want to follow OJ Simpson on social media, then check out his Twitter page where people constantly make jokes about a glove not fitting.

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Source: twitter

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