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Pelosi accused of withholding relief 'unless it has left-wing strings attached'

April 7, 2020 / 4.6K views

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is being accused of withholding relief "unless it has left-wing strings attached" by GOP National Spokesperson, Elizabeth Harrington. Harrington posted on her twitter account, "The Trump admin is working around the clock to get the relief that Pelosi delayed into the hands of small businesses And what does she do? Threaten to withhold more relief unless it has left-wing strings attached It's always politics with her!"

It remains unclear which specific "left-wing strings" are being referred to, but it's very possible that it includes items that are not specifically related to the outbreak.

Harrington further commented on Pelosi, saying "We don't know so much about who is being served, who is being underserved" It's small businesses! Less than 500 employees. What is she talking about? All she wants to do is play identity politics during a pandemic" and called it "Ridiculous."


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