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Pelosi cites SOTU as example of bipartisanship, despite ripping Trump's speech

March 29, 2020 / 642 views

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is on CNN suggesting that Trump's State of the Union speech was an example of bipartisanship, but she was there ripping up his speech at the end. It was an act of defiance that gathered a lot of attention and even had some suggesting that she destroyed an official government document. However, nothing came of that and it's debatable if it was even considered an official document, or just a copy of it.

To top if off, Nancy Pelosi has been criticizing President Trump despite him signing off on the $2.2 trillion relief bill that includes money for places like the Kennedy Center.

When it comes to places like that, they just recently told musicians they were no longer getting paid after next week, despite being allocated $25 million in relief spending.


One of the biggest problems with Nancy Pelosi right now is that she might have a lack of self-awareness and she's been in government way too long.

It makes a really good case for term limits and preventing people from being career politicians.

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