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Pelosi deflects when asked about putting unrelated things in relief bill

March 24, 2020 / 4.9K views

CNN's Dana Bash asks Nancy Pelosi about the criticisms and issues she's having with being accused of throwing some unrelated items in the COVID-19 relief bill. Pelosi appears to deflect on it and just starts rambling on.

Did you ever notice that a lot of the politicians, when asked hard questions, just start rambling on about something and that is their answer? Despite the fact it does not even come close to answering the actual question.

Bash wants to know what Pelosi has to say about the things being slipped in the relief bill that are completely unrelated to the actual relief, but Nancy Pelosi just stammers on like she's talking to herself.

This is why we need term limits for every governmental position.

Source: twitter

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