Pelosi Jr faces scrutiny for corruption and ethical lapses

President Donald Trump shed light on a situation with Paul Pelosi Jr, the son of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Trump focused on a report made by One America News that suggested Pelosi's son, and Nancy, might be part of a corrupt Ukraine scandal. Sure enough, Trump called it out and targeted Nancy Pelosi on his usual mode of communication, which is Twitter.

Trump said, "Wow Crazy Nancy, what’s going on? This is big stuff!"

OAN reported that Pelosi Jr was in the Ukraine back in 2017, as highlighted by the video below.

They also stated on their report:

These accusations are similar to those against former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, who allegedly earned $156 million from corruption schemes in Ukraine.

President Trump shared an additional OAN report on Friday, in which Ukrainian officials testified on Democrat interference in the 2016 elections. He thanked One America News for “incredible reporting” and slammed mainstream media for not doing “the same.”

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