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Pelosi pushes vote by mail, says voting in person could be dangerous to your health

May 21, 2020 / 543 views

Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi once again pushes her $3.6 billion vote by mail scheme and fear mongers health scares into people. She claims it is to protect Democracy and remove barriers. She also suggests voting in person could be dangerous to your health.

However, that contradicts the fact that we can go to stores like Walmart and stand in line waiting for our turn to touch the self-checkout machines.

What is the difference between standing in line at the store and standing in line to vote?

Another thing to consider is the election is not until November and we have no idea how the outbreak will be - it could be over during summer, which would mean voting by mail in November is no longer needed.

To add more issues to this, a judge was caught in a major election scandal in Philadelphia and, just this week, plead guilty.

The judge was taking bribes and stuffing ballots for Democrat candidates and he will be sentenced in June.


If someone is willing to do that in person, then people can speculate what could happen if ballots were mailed home.

What if they got lost? What if someone forged their signature on your vote? What if people found other ways to make votes vanish or cheat?

Going to the polls, showing ID to prove your identity, is probably the best way to vote.


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