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Pelosi says Trump is 'morbidly obese' when asked question by Anderson Cooper

May 20, 2020 / 441 views

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi referred to President Donald Trump as being in the weight class of the morbidly obese when asked a question by Anderson Cooper. He was asking about Trump taking the controversial medicine mentioned in the video. It's a treatment that thousands of people on social media are debating, despite not being medical professionals.

It's also unclear if Trump is really taking it or not. He said he was taking it to prevent getting sick, but he could probably just wash his hands and be fine if everyone else around him is doing their part as well.

However his age and weight could play a factor in his health overall.


Meanwhile, Speaker Pelosi has been criticized for fat shaming. But that's fine, because we make fun of Stacey Abrams almost every day and her BMI is probably three times that of the president.

Also, Pelosi's face is shiny again, a sign of her possible plastic work. She's 80, but looks like a 60-year-old mannequin that washed up in the Atlantic Ocean.

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