Pelosi snaps at reporter who compares Joe Biden's accuser to Kavanaugh's Blasey Ford

April 30, 2020 / 6.9K views

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi takes a sharp tongue to a reporter who asks about Tara Reade, Joe Biden's accuser, and makes a comparison to Christine Blasey Ford, Justice Brett Kavanaugh's accuser. Mediaite posted “Let me just say, I respect your question, and I don’t need a lecture or a speech,” Pelosi said, before insisting that she respects the MeToo movement. “There’s also due process and the fact that Joe Biden is Joe Biden.”

Pelosi then claimed there was never a record of the assault, and noted that nobody ever came forward with the allegation, aside from Tara Reade.

The House speaker made these remarks after dismissing Reade’s sexual assault allegation earlier on Thursday, and said she was “satisfied” with how Biden has responded, despite the fact that he never directly addressed the claim."

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Source: mediaite

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