Pelosi: We must extend the unemployment insurance

July 13, 2020 / 616 views

Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to extend the unemployment insurance. Well, here's the thing. There's two options. Keep everyone home and keep paying them to stay there. Or open the economy and send everyone back to work.

There's a problem though. Some towns are seeing increased outbreak numbers. Some aren't. And there isn't a single solution to cover everyone. Each city is different.

Some cities who were protesting like crazy might be seeing an increase. That disrupted the whole social distancing and staying home thing and now we're doing it longer.

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Some cities opened too early, that affected us too.

Some cities might be doing just fine - but again, every city is different.

Each city should open up as they see fit, and those who open slower should have their unemployment extended to ensure people aren't losing their homes.

If you're gonna force me to stay home from work, then cover my rent check while I explore making money from home somehow.

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