Pete Buttigieg says 'I Don't Care' if 180 million Americans lose their preferred health care

Democrat candidate for President, Pete Buttigieg, is talking about his health care options and when he mentioned 180 million Americans possibly losing their private health care, he said "I don't care." His logic is that insurance companies will need to come up with something better than what his ideas are. Buttigieg does have a good point that a lot of pressure should be on insurance companies to provide quality and affordable care.

However, Buttigieg should not put the pressure or blame on the American people, especially 180 million of them.

One way to fix the problem might be to get rid of Obamacare and go back to what we had before that when our insurance companies gave us plans that were actually affordable.


Townhall reported:

Pete Buttigieg, who has emerged as a top-tier candidate after the Iowa caucuses, causually brushed off the fact that millions of Americans would lose their preferred insurance under a system exclusively run by the government, as we've seen under the Affordable Care Act.

After the Democratic primary, the eventual nominee will have to answer these questions regarding health care plans. Aside from the hefty price tags attached to each candidate's plan, government healthcare restricts consumer choice and causes millions of Americans to be kicked off of their health insurance.


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