'Pete the Cheat' Buttigieg turns out to be really sketchy

Alex Salvi of One America News explains why #MayorCheat started trending on Twitter. Turns out Pete is a bit sketchy and the situation in Iowa might be worse than we thought.

The hashtag did well enough to prompt a response from Buttigieg:

Buttigieg's confident claim gave rise to the Twitter hashtag #MayorCheat after he gave a victory speech despite the chaos over the final results. When asked if he perhaps made the call prematurely, Buttigieg shrugged off criticism.


"Looking at what happened last night, looking at all of the data that we've got, it was an extraordinary night and we are absolutely victorious coming into New Hampshire," he said.

"I think it's safe to say no one in the country is more impatient than I am to hear the official results of the party," Buttigieg told "CBS This Morning" from Concord, New Hampshire. "But we've also put out the results that we've got from over 1,200 districts. Our precinct organization reported based on a procedure that they were trained to do, and based off that it was a phenomenal night for us." (CBS News)

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