Peter Navarro shut down by Fox News host after saying 'election was stolen'

December 4, 2020 / 4.4K views

A Fox News host completely shuts down Peter Navarro after he says everything he's seen in six states suggests the election was stolen. The host, Liz Claman, asks why 24 judges did not see that.

Here's the thing folks, if the Democrats cheated the election, then there is literally no evidence to prove it. There is no big name confession, there is no obvious video to prove anything beyond a reasonable doubt. There is no credible evidence to support the claims that the election was stolen.

The suitcase under the table video? Debunked because you can't see or prove what was in the suitcases and it turned out they were likely empty.

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The green truck in the parking lot video filmed by some lady who, from a far distance, claimed they were shredding ballots? Nope, not even close. That was tax documents on a scheduled pickup.

And let's be honest here - do you really think the Democrats would cheat an election in broad daylight while they are on camera? Surely, they would be smart enough to figure out a way that was not able to be recorded and no one knew or could prove.

And if you're following people like Lin Wood and Sidney Powell, then you are truly being taken advantage of because they are nothing but grifters milking the desperate Trump supporters who cannot believe Joe Biden won. 

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If Biden's campaign cheated, then they will need proof that NO ONE can deny, and they simply have don't have it.

Just like the OJ Simpson case - you know he probably did it, but there is not enough proof or evidence to support it.

That's where we are with this.

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