Philly Walmart looted - stolen TV goes flying off getaway car

October 27, 2020 / 32.8K views

The looter lost one tonight! They're at Walmart cruising with a big screen TV on the roof and it flies right off the car and crashes to the ground. This happened at the Walmart down in Port Richmond while it was getting looted tonight. There are big screen TVs everywhere, many of them in orange boxes. One of them flies off the roof of someone's getaway car, and I literally couldn't stop laughing.  Another TV, or maybe the same one, gets ran over by someone else. There is absolute madness and mayhem as people pulled up in the jammed parking lot to run inside and steal.

Then I remember why this is all happening - because the cops did their job and people are being selfless and using a man's passing as an excuse to loot. These people are literally robbing and stealing from stores in the name of "justice" instead of coming together as a community and saying to each other "is anyone going to start following the law and stop pointing knives and weapons at cops? Because you know what happens when you do, right?"

Could people maybe start being more responsible adults and not preying on every cop shooting as an opportunity to steal for one's own wealth?

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It's a disgrace what the looters are doing.

Also, if anyone is down there, grab me a pair of the new Jordans. I may as well get a pair of shoes too if everyone else does, right? If no one looting respects the man who was shot, then why should I? You know what, throw a big screen TV in with it too. I don't even need one, but I'll take it anyway. Maybe I'll give it to my grandma for Christmas. And get me some of those turkey burgers and bags of shrimp if Walmart has any left. Just kidding. I don't want any of those looted goods. It's a disgrace that people are treating their own neighborhood like this and it needs to stop.

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