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'Pickle Pusher' Tim Kaine whines about Trump instead of doing real work

March 19, 2020 / 917 views

Virginia Democratic Senator, Time Kaine, is seen on video whining about President Trump doing some "China bashing" and trying to scold him for it. This is a man who could've been in the White House, but thankfully is not. This is a guy who shows up on the radar maybe once or twice a year, gets laughed at, and then withers back down into irrelevancy.

Him and his turnt-up eyebrow need to resign and let someone take over who's gonna get something done.

Why is this jackwagon making $174,000 per year and I'm not? I can cry and do nothing, just like Tim Kaine, so why don't I run for Congress?


James Woods smoked this clown like a fine Cuban cigar, calling him a "pickle pusher" and it was hilarious.

He said, "This clown could have been a heartbeat away from the presidency. Imagine him managing this catastrophe and being more worried about labels and pronouns, or whatever these pickle pushers worry about. The #Trump2020Landslide is now more important than ever."

If Tim Kaine wants to earn his salary, then this sure isn't the way.


Source: twitter

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