PIO chokes up revealing death toll from FedEx mass shooting — 8 dead, many more wounded

April 16, 2021 / 648 views

So sad... she starts to choke up a bit as she reveals the information from the FedEx mass shooting.

NPR provided an official report on it.

A man opened fire outside a FedEx warehouse facility in Indianapolis late Thursday night before moving inside the facility, killing eight people and injuring several others. The suspect is believed to have shot himself and is among the nine dead, according to police.

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At a news conference Friday morning, Indianapolis' Deputy Police Chief Craig McCartt said, "This suspect came to this facility, got out of his car and quickly began some random shooting."

McCartt said the suspect, who has not been identified, killed four individuals outside and then entered the facility "for a brief period of time," killing four others and then taking his own life.

Four others who suffered gunshot wounds were treated in local hospitals, and a fifth person with an injury that was not firearms-related was also treated, he said.

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McCartt said the shooting lasted "just a few minutes" and that by the time officers arrived on the scene, it was over.

Source: npr

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