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Police choke man to death while serving expired warrant

Police choke man to death while serving expired warrant

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  • Cop puts man in a choke hold while another police officer pulls the mans legs strangling him to death. Louisiana cops pulling man off tractor and choking him to death while serving expired warrant. Police acted negligently by failing to administer aid once Armando Frank was unconscious. New video obtained by The Advocate shows the botched arrest of a Louisiana man who was killed by police in what experts say was excessive force. Two sheriff’s deputies, Brandon Spillman and Alexander Daniel, along with Marksville Police officer Kenneth Parnell, tried to force Frank from his tractor. Spillman, Daniel and Parnell are named defendants in a civil rights lawsuit. There were other law enforcement personnel on the scene, according to the Sheriff's Office. Video credit: Freedom to Film. Story credit: Matt Agorist, blogger for the Free Thought Project.

    Posted on August 7, 2018 in Society is Messed Up and filed under police, crime.
    Source: thefreethoughtproject

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