Police pepper spray 15-year-old girl who was disorderly and non compliant


A girl in Hagerstown, Maryland was on her bicycle and hit a car. She tried to refuse medical attention. At her age of 15, that is not permitted. The officers required her to stay on the scene and be checked out by a medic and then go home to a parent. The disorderly teen refused and tried to drive away on her bike. Officers detained her. The girl acted like an idiot, kept fighting with the police, and wouldn't just get checked out by a medic and picked up. Cops pepper sprayed her once they were tired of her fighting with them. Now she's charged with disorderly conduct and assault. The girl should have followed the police orders, let the medic check her out, and let the cops send her home with a parent. If the cops let her go, and she had an aneurysm as a result of her bicycle accident, then police would have gotten in trouble then too. Cops did a good job trying to detain her, but finally a little bit of pepper spray goes a long way. Good job cops. Bad job to the girls parents for not raising her right.