Police shootout caught on live camera phone video

April 17, 2021 / 596 views

Here goes some real life GTA style shootout with the cops and it left two people deceased and one cop injured.

SAN ANTONIO (KXAN) — Police in San Antonio said a traffic stop turned into an exchange of gunfire that killed two people and injured an officer on the city’s west side.

During a news conference Friday afternoon, Police Chief William McManus said he reviewed the officer’s body camera footage. McManus said the video showed the officer pull over a truck for a reason not yet known and begin a “casual conversation” with the three people inside.

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After about two minutes, McManus said the video showed the driver pull out a gun and begin firing at the officer, who was struck in the hand. The police chief said the officer retreated and returned fire, shooting and killing the driver and the front seat passenger. A woman in the truck’s backseat was also hit in the torso and taken to the hospital.

Source: kxan

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