Powell says they're going after Georgia and it 'will be biblical'

November 22, 2020 / 1.8K views

UPDATE: Jenna Ellis today posted a statement that Sidney Powell is NOT part of the Trump legal team. Sidney Powell now claims Georgia is the first state they're going after and it "will be biblical." She also mentions Kemp and how there should be investigations. No one seems to be sure what plan of attack Powell and Trump's legal team is up to, but it does not seem like they have very solid evidence to prove, without a reasonable doubt, that anything was going on.

It really seems like the legal team is blowing smoke up everyone's nostrils and hoping that some sort of breaking evidence emerges. It would need to be a solid confession from someone reputable or video evidence that people cannot dispute. Otherwise, all they have is a hunch and that won't win in court.

Trump supporters should stop getting their hopes up and be prepared for a Biden White House unless Powell finds something worth bringing to court.

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