Pro-Palestinian Convoy Drives around yelling ‘F**k the Jews’, ‘R*pe Their Daughters’

May 16, 2021 / 738 views

Seems like a group of very nice people. Or not. Actually, very not. This is quite a bit crazy if you ask me. But no one ever asks me...

Breitbart reported:

British politicians have reacted with disgust and anger at footage posted to social media appearing to show pro-Palestinian protesters driving through Jewish neighbourhoods in London, with a protester heard yelling through a loudspeaker antisemitic and sexually violent comments.

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The footage, retweeted by prominent politicians, showed several cars draped in Palestinian flags driving down Finchley Road in St John’s Wood, north London, on Sunday.

One man is heard shouting through a loudspeaker remarks including: “Fuck the Jews”, “Fuck their mothers”, “Fuck their daughters”, and “Rape their daughters”.

Remarking on the sight of three men standing through their sunroofs waving Palestinian flags, London Jewish newspaper Jewish News compared it to “scenes reminiscent of the darkest days of Islamic State”.

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