Protester was told to back up, didn't listen and got arrested

August 8, 2020 / 1.6K views

She had plenty of warnings and cops asked her multiple times to get out of the street and back up. She didn't listen. She ended up getting arrested and tossed in the back of a police wagon. If a cop tells you 900 times to please get back or go back over to the sidewalk where the protesters are allowed to be, then just do it. These cops are on a job. They're not gonna listen to what this lady says. They don't care either. Standing outside yelling at cops is not a conversation and NOT going to do anything. Get the message across in a way that makes sense. Write to a newspaper, do a social media post, send an open letter to the station - but this screaming outside stuff doesn't work. It's just people bored at home during a pandemic looking for attention and something to do.

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