Protesters block traffic, pull gun on a truck driver

August 10, 2020 / 3.2K views

Some protesters were blocking traffic and one of them pulled a gun on a truck driver. The gunman, who is dressed in a shirt that looks like a Lisa Frank notebook from grade school, pointed his weapon towards the big pick-up truck. The truck driver tried to back up and go around the protesters, but the mob swarmed in front of the vehicle again. Someone throws a water bottle, but doesn't have the reach and it falls short. Someone else is also there with a child, which is quite frankly irresponsible to bring kids to a protest - especially after all the horror shows we've seen where protests turn violent. What kind of parent takes their kid to something that could become violent in any given moment? Leave your darn kids at home!

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Should it be illegal to block traffic in a protest?

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