Protesters follow couple to hotel, 'Put your hands on me again and I'll...'

August 28, 2020 / 44.7K views

Protesters are following this couple and asking them how they feel about the killing of black people in America. They follow the couple to the hotel. The couple can't get in and they go to the parking garage. The protester in a ski-mask had said, "put your hands on me again and I'll f-ck you up."

I'm curious why so many people won't stop and have a conversation. We demand the protesters stop protesting and have conversations, yet some people who would say the same thing, don't stop to have the actual conversation. Had this couple stopped and said something nice, they would've gained some respect. Then again, there's also the possibility that something comes flying out of nowhere and they get attacked. It's a hostile situation that really has nothing good coming out of it until people are ready to stop being violent and start being listeners. Follow Phillip Nieto 

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