Rashida Tlaib gets triggered, walks right out of Trump's SOTU speech

Rashida Tlaib continues to be a very outspoken liar and fearmongering member of Congress. Here she explains why she walked out of Trump's State of the Union speech when she was "triggered." She did not like when Trump mentioned Brett Kavanaugh, so she got up and left. If she doesn't like when someone mentions the name of a Supreme Court Justice, then she is unfit for Congress.

Rashida Tlaib continues to ignore the facts and accomplishments that happened during Trump's first three years.

She continues to lead the circus of haters and everything she does IS more of a reality show than what Trump does.


Ever since day one of her Congressional career, she's been yelling about impeaching Trump, clearly not even giving the guy a chance.

In my opinion, she's an embarrassment to our country and acts like a child when it comes to her job.

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