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Rashida Tlaib says Dems trying to 'figure out' how to jail Trump officials

October 8, 2019 / 742 views

Democrats don't like President Trump -- got it -- but seriously, someone needs to school these dipshits on the Constitution.


For one, they, as head of one-half of one branch of government -- the House -- do indeed have certain authorities granted to them by our founding document. One of them is oversight of federal agencies, but that does not include 'oversight' of the Executive Branch's authorities (that would be the Judicial Branch -- the federal court system and the Supreme Court).



So, when one Democrat says during a town hall meeting that her party superiors are actually trying to figure out where to 'hold' members of Trump's Cabinet and administration they plan to "jail" for allegedly violating subpoenas and after being held in contempt, she's either bullshitting her constituents or she and her party have gone off the deep end, proving that Trump Derangement Syndrome is a real thing.



Rashida Tlaib just told her supporters how the next civil war will start in America -- if she (and her party) are seriously contemplating locking up President Trump's Cabinet members (for any reason). 


How stupid. 

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