Rep Schiff tells Maddow Trump uses Bill Barr to protect people who lie for him

July 11, 2020 / 441 views

Rep. Adam Schiff tells Rachel Maddow that President Trump is using Bill Barr to protect people who lie and cover for him. Schiff then says that it will be worse when Trump uses Barr to investigate his enemies.

After seeing what happened with the Russian hoax nothingburger investigation, it actually seems normal that a President would go after the people who went after him - and came up empty.

Despite how anyone feels about Trump, the Russian investigation did come up empty - those are just facts.

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If Trump wastes time doing the same thing, then he will be called out for it. He better have a good case against anyone he looks into, because if not - he won't hear the end of it.

Don't waste three years looking into people just to come up empty like Democrats did.

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