'Scared' Schiff blamed for 'Half-Baked' impeachment articles without Bolton testimony

January 27, 2020 / 1.7K views

Republican Congresswoman Elise Stefanik slams Adam Schiff and blames him for impeachment articles that are being called "unfair, unconstitutional, and half-baked" - and it's his fault that John Bolton's testimony isn't part of it.

After reports of John Bolton's book leaked, now Democrats want to bring him up as a witness, even though they had the chance before and did not get it done.

Washington Examiner reports:

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Calls for Bolton, 71, to testify were amplified after he alleged that President Trump told him that he would block military aid to Ukraine if officials would not announce an investigation into Joe Biden and his son Hunter in leaked portions of Bolton’s new book, The Room Where it Happened. During a press conference on Monday, Stefanik explained why she believed testimony from Bolton was unnecessary.

“The president has said there was no conditionality [on the aid to Ukraine]. Gordon Sondland testified, and we saw that played out as the president’s defense team made the case that it was presumption, assumption, and guesswork,” the New York Republican said. “So the facts of this case remain the same in that we have more security assistance for Ukraine, much more than under the Obama administration.”

Stefanik focuses on the fact that it was Adam Schiff's "choice" to not have Bolton testify during the House proceedings.

She also mentions that he withdrew a subpoena for testimony from Bolton's aide, and instead, rushed to get the impeachment done without putting a subpoena on Bolton.

The congresswoman added, “Adam Schiff is clearly scared that his case is so weak. Adam Schiff made the decision to withdraw the subpoena. This is an unfair, unconstitutional, and half-baked set of impeachment articles that were sent over to the Senate.”

Stefanik, 35, stood out among Republicans throughout the House’s impeachment process and was chosen to be one of eight House Republicans on Trump’s impeachment team for the Senate trial. The president called Stefanik a “new Republican star” for her role in the House impeachment hearings.

Now it's up to Adam Schiff to respond. Some might wonder if he will choke up and cry.

Source: washingtonexaminer

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