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Schiff targets Pence over Classified Info regarding Trump

December 29, 2019 / 1.8K views

Adam Schiff says that we should see the information Mike Pence made classified because it will give us more info about Donald Trump and the "Ukraine scheme.' Schiff suggests that Mike Pence knows something we do not and that the classified info includes materials that don't need to be classified. OK, if they don't need to be classified, then they must not be that important, so why is Schiff even bothering to talk about them? If something isn't worth classifying, then it must not be a big deal, right? Of course, this all came out during a talk with Rachel Maddow, who herself was just called out for "rooting" for the Steele Dossier, despite it's major flaws.

Jared Harris from WND wrote:

"You seem to still be pulling on some threads here, including some potentially provocative and consequential ones," she said. "I'm thinking specifically about a letter that you sent to the vice president's office this week in which you raise questions as to what the vice president knew about the president's behavior, the president's scheme in Ukraine, and thereby essentially his potential involvement in any coverup of that behavior by the president.


"Are you actively looking at Vice President Mike Pence and his role in this scandal, and should we expect further revelations either related to the vice president or related to the other core parts of these allegations that have resulted in this impeachment tonight?"

It's like Maddow is trying to sneak answers out of him to create some drama that probably isn't there. Mike Pence has laid low for the last three years and we don't hear or see that much of him. He sits back in the passenger seat while Trump drives the train. But of course, that's what Maddow does. She digs for information and pushes the conversation in a direction that would help her narrative and ratings.

Source: wnd / Last Edited by: Frank

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