Sean Hannity claims revelations of DOJ investigation will 'shock the conscience of a nation'

Sean Hannity said in one of his latest shows that the revelations of the Department of Justice investigation will be a shock to many. He does not list his source and only refers to them as "my sources" so it's currently unclear who Hannity is talking to.

This excerpt is taken from his video:

My sources are telling me… At the end of this investigation, my sources are telling me today and tonight, Everything that we have been telling our viewers, by say no later than the fall, it’s all going to be revealed to the American people… I know for some of you this is taking a long time. I know the wheels of justice sometimes move slowly. The issue of Mueller is gone, done and finished. The issue of thee abuse of power and corruption is not only just started, they are deep into discovering the things that we have told you on this program. Everyone of them will be proven to be true. every single solitary report.


I have my sources confirming to me tonight at very high levels. And by the way, it’s not Trump. I have high level sources telling me tonight, that by the time that Attorney Durham is done with his job, and the Attorney General is done with his job, and the investigation is complete adding into it Inspector General Horowitz, it will shock the conscience of a nation.

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