Senators reported to be 'bored out of their minds' during Trump impeachment trial

Have you been watching Trump's Senate impeachment trial? If so, then you might have fallen asleep too! You might have noticed it's been very boring, dull, and full of Democrats saying the same things over and over.

But you're not alone! Norah O'Donnell of CBS Evening News reports that many of the Senators present for the trial are found to be looking "bored out of their minds" and she posted a video covering it.

Her post said, "Chip Reid reports on how Senators are faring so far in the impeachment hearing - without phones or snacks. "It’s a bit like a college lecture hall. Some of them are busily taking notes, some of them look bored out of their minds."

And the video that followed is just amazing.

Not only that, but the NY Times deployed a sketch artist to cover the event and the artist found at least one Senator sleeping.

That was Sen. Risch who passed out. Probably bored, hungry, and just wanting to go home and get some real work done. As posted by Michael Calderone, "NYT has a sketch artist covering impeachment, catching moments like Sen. Risch sleeping."

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