Several women beat Postal Worker, no indication they tried stealing stimulus checks

April 11, 2021 / 36.6K views

It was a rough day at work for a Michigan postal worker as she was attacked by several women while an onlooker accused them of trying to steal stimulus checks. The law enforcement section of the USPS has stated there is no indication that stealing the stimulus checks was motive for the attack, despite the man watching the fight saying something about them.

The bystander recording the footage, which went viral on social media, can then be heard claiming the two women were after the postal worker’s stimulus checks in her dented van.

“Bro, y’all hit the mailman!” the man says. “They tryin’ to get that stimulus … this s–t is serious!”

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Another onlooker is also heard saying “y’all going to jail,” according to the chaotic clip.

One woman has since been arrested in the attack, Flint police told The Post Friday. However, Detective Sgt. Tyrone Booth declined to identify the suspect until she was arraigned.

Booth also declined to say what motivated the alleged assault, including whether stimulus checks had anything to do with the incident.

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“We are investigating an assault incident that involved a United States postal worker,” Booth said. “An arrest was made and we’re seeking additional warrants for an additional arrest.”

Detectives are reviewing the footage as part of the ongoing investigation, Booth said.

So much for enjoying a lovely walk at work. I wonder what the charges will be when they're caught!

Source: nypost

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