St. Louis couple who defended home during BLM protest could face indictment

July 15, 2020 / 1K views

The St. Louis couple who pointed guns at BLM protesters, as a means to defend their home in the event of riot behavior, already had their rifle seized. There is now talks that they could possibly face an indictment over it. However, it's simply a possibility at this point.

As stated on Fox News:

"The Five" co-hosts Katie Pavlich and Greg Gutfeld reacted Tuesday to the revelation by St. Louis homeowner Mark McCloskey -- who along with his wife Patricia brandished legally-owned firearms when confronted by Black Lives Matter protesters at their home last month -- that "the rumor is" the couple will be indicted shortly over the incident.

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"So this idea now that this couple -- who was obeying the law, following the rules, defending their lives and their property from the mob -- are now being politically persecuted by these prosecutors in St. Louis," Pavlich said. "It is a disgrace, a disgrace. It's an atrocity. It's a miscarriage of justice. And although they know they have no evidence to prove that they committed a crime, they're going to drag them through the legal system anyway and make an example of them that you better not stand up to the mob because this is what's going to happen to you."

Keep an eye on the story for developments.

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