Stacey Abrams already saying Trump is 'doing his best to actually steal the vote'

August 2, 2020 / 1.1K views

Failed Democrat gubernatorial candidate who lost her election and still sounds SALTY about it, Stacey Abrams, is already suggesting that President Donald Trump is trying to steal votes. She said Trump is 'doing his best to actually steal the vote' and she's absolutely nuts. Listen up, Abrams. This is campaign season. The candidates campaign the way they see fit and they target their audience and when it's election night, the people vote however they want.

You cannot steal votes. You can influence people and encourage and ask them to vote for you, but to say stealing a "vote" suggests the vote was already made.

By the way, when people were getting Obamaphones, was that stealing the vote too? Or was that just part of his campaign?

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You don't steal votes, you campaign for them and let the people decide.

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