Suspect on video lighting police car on fire with COP still in it

October 18, 2020 / 859 views

Wow! Here's a suspect in Seattle walking around with a giant stick lit on fire. We'll just call it a torch, because if we were in the dinosaur times, that would be a really big torch. Anyway, the cop pulls up on him and tells him to stop. The suspect yells back F*CK YOU. The cop says something else and the suspect runs up to the car and throws the LIT TORCH into the police car. And that's when the cop starts shooting through the windshield. The suspect turned the corner and took off running!

Seattle Police Department Blotter posted:

Detectives with the Force Investigations Team have released body-worn, dashcam, and surveillance video from the ongoing investigation into the Thursday officer-involved shooting in South Lake Union.

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The suspect can be seen in the video using a burning piece of lumber to attack an officer in his patrol car. The suspect then runs away as the officer opens fire.

Detectives later booked the 37-year-old suspect, who was not struck by gunfire, into King County Jail.

The officer, Caleb Pomazon, has been with the Seattle Police Department for one year and is currently on paid administrative leave per department policy.

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Of course there's always someone acting like a KAREN with a redonkulous comment. Some lady on Twitter wrote this: "Clearly that de-escalation training didn’t work. When a person with a flaming stick yells “fuck you!”, don’t drive up fast and in a threatening manor, that cop escalated the situation."

Actually, I would have been like "hey bro, you got a light" and then laughed in dad joke for like 20 minutes straight while sipping a slurpee. Or maybe just shoot the guy in the leg and call Joe Biden saying "HEY I DID IT" after the 100th try.

Meanwhile, Johnny firesticks over there was lighting a cop car on fire with an officer still in it we get this:

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Source: spdblotter

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