Symone Sanders Knocked Down When Protesters Disrupt Joe Biden Speech

March 11, 2020 / 742 views

Chief political correspondent from Politico, Tim Alberta, posted this video showing Joe Biden's adviser, Symone Sanders, get knocked to the floor when protesters disrupted a Biden's speech. Alberta wrote, "Here’s close-up footage of the scrum at Biden’s Detroit event, when Green New Deal protesters interrupted his speech At some point Biden’s senior adviser/head of security ?

@SymoneDSanders entered the fray and got knocked down; you can see a cop helping her up at 1:45 mark."

The protesters are from the Sunrise Movement. Some were holding signs that said "Jobs for All" or "Green New Deal Now." They were chanting things like, "hey hey, ho ho, Joe Biden has got to go" and it got fairly messy to the point Sanders was on the floor being helped up by police.

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Here's Alberta's thread on it, with some advice to young journalists.


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