Tammy Bruce compares Democrat 'Woke Brigade' to being in an abusive relationship

May 1, 2021 / 506 views

Tammy Bruce just unloaded on Democrats, saying their "woke brigade" that shames people for wanting to do things, like visiting their own family, is like being in an abusive relationship.

The Fox News host went off on Democrats and shamed them for the amount of shaming they do to other people for simply wanting to live their lives.

And not to forget how many times people get called racist for things that are not actually racist.

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There are extremes on both sides, but unfortunately it seems like the Democrats keep inching farther and farther left and it's increasingly woke and insufferable.

Remember Joe Biden was supposed to be the slightly moderate president? What happened to that?

Don't forget we have things like the "Washington Football Team?" How STUPID is that? And now every time a cop shoots someone of color, even if they have a knife or gun in their hand, it's like there's a protest over it and people are calling the police racist.

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Why are Democrats protecting criminals?

Wake up, people!

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