Teacher said N word in class, got her glasses ripped off her face

April 15, 2021 / 43.8K views

Looks like we have another bad incident happening in a classroom. This time a student is confronting a teacher, clearly capable of beating her up, and the teacher ends up saying the N word with an A at the end - not the hard R.

The student responds by ripping her glasses off and smashing them on a desk.

This could have gone way worse but the student didn't hit her, he just appears to walk out.

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News9 reported:

“I want her out of the classroom. If she thinks language like that is acceptable or appropriate in a classroom full of students, I don’t think she should be an educator,” said Shawna Jim.

She said her niece came home Friday, April 9, and showed her the video from inside her classroom at Holdenville High School.

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In the video the teacher can be seen holding on to the student’s backpack, the student’s arms up near his head.

The teacher eventually let’s go of his backpack and the student tries to leave when the racial slur is said.

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Source: news9

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