Ted Cruz targets woke corporations and radical leftists as 'Enemies of Freedom'

April 29, 2021 / 540 views

Ted Cruz goes on video to target the woke corporations and radical leftists.

The Republican senator also posted on social media, saying "I’m fighting for the people, not for the giant corporations that have decided to make common cause with the Socialists who are trying to take away our freedom."

Cruz was pitching this idea in order to solicit donations. His intentions are good, but he's already a Senator and he should simply do his job and support the American people. He's a six figure salary guy, so he doesn't actually need our money and I'm not sure why politicians keep asking the public for money.

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I like that Ted Cruz is standing up against woke corporations and radical leftists, but I will never support donating to politicians. Why would I give wealthy people my money? I got bills to pay. The politicians get my votes, but they're not getting my money. What's up with that?

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