Teen Chili's hostess reportedly attacked for enforcing Covid guidelines

August 13, 2020 / 1.1K views

A teenage hostess at Chili's was allegedly attacked when a large group of women got mad over the Covid guidelines. The hostess informed WLBT that her restaurant does not allow them to sit tables bigger than 6 and that groups bigger than 6 must be split up because of the Covid guidelines regarding social distancing. The group who came in had 11 people and they weren't having it. Turns out they allegedly attacked the girl.

WLBT stated:

“I couldn’t believe, like over two for 25s, and three for 10s, I got attacked,” said Kelsy Wallace, 17, former hostess at Chili’s on Constitution Avenue in Baton Rouge.

Wallace is a straight A student at Broadmoor Senior High School at EBR Career and Technical Education Center. She’s also studying to be an EMT. She has worked at the Chili’s as a hostess since June to try to make some extra money.

“My general manager and my other managers tell us we cannot sit a table bigger than six because of the corona[virus]. We are supposed to separate them,” said Wallace."

And there we have it! Some ratchet folks getting all mad about a Covid guideline and taking it out on a teenager. That's trifling!

Source: wlbt

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