Teen is smashed in face with skateboard for saying N Word

September 5, 2020 / 1.6K views

So let me get this straight. A guy holding a board dressed like he's trying out to be a Zach Morris stunt double tells this other guy (they both look like teens), that if he says the N-word, he's gonna get smacked in the face with the skateboard. The guy who says it seems like he has no idea what's going on and actually says it WITH A HARD R.

Then the guy makes sure his pal is recording the video, you know, just gotta double check to make sure someone's recording him committing an assault with a weapon, and the other guy gets hit with the skateboard as expected. The aggressor follows it up with a "my boy" comment, which I'm sure will be labeled as racist in context.

Well, if this isn't the easiest way to get arrested by the cops for smashing someone's face in, then I don't know what is. Oh, other than shooting a counter-protester on camera and then doing an interview on Vice and then getting shot by cops a few days later, yeah, maybe that was it.

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