The two dumbest people in Walmart you will ever see

July 27, 2020 / 2.5K views

Folks, this can't be real. Are these people serious? Are they plants from some PAC or something? I can't believe they wore this. This lady and her massive bazings need to go home and get a new mask. Come on, lady, this whole country is in a huge argument on social media and you go out and wear this sh*t? You and your nitwit husband who wasn't smart enough to be like, "honey, maybe we don't wear these outside (or ever)" But hey, this is pretty normal for Walmart. They're always wearing something crazy in there. That's why I go to Target now and frolic around with my mocha fropa frepe frapa. Whatever that stuff they sell at Starbucks is called. Just kidding. I drink black coffee, not those diabeetus drinks.

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