These People Are Crooked: Trump supporter wants Maricopa election supervisors arrested

May 18, 2021 / 1.5K views

This guy is fired up and yells at Maricopa election supervisors. He wants people arrested live on YouTube. He says Bill Gates name with some gusto!

One of the latest reports on what's happening in Maricopa says:

The private contractors hired by Arizona Senate President Karen Fann to audit Maricopa County's general election don't know what they are doing, and the county didn't delete any election files, county officials fired back on Monday.

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Jack Sellers, county Board of Supervisors chairman, accused Fann of attempting to legitimize "a grift disguised as an audit."

He said the contractors, led by a Florida-based cybersecurity firm called Cyber Ninjas that was hired to lead the audit despite no experience, thought files were missing because "they don’t know what they’re doing. And we wouldn’t be asked to do this on-the-job training if qualified auditors had been hired to do this work."  

County Recorder Stephen Richer, at the livestreamed meeting, addressed the concerns raised by Fann and auditors, including questions about files, how ballots were handled and access to the county routers and passwords. 

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Along with sending a technical response to the state Senate president's questions, the supervisors unanimously approved a letter to Fann that calls on her to put an end to the audit. 

"You, Senate President Fann, are the only one with the power to immediately end it," they wrote in the letter. "We implore you to recognize the obvious truth: Your auditors are in way over their heads ... It is time to end this. For the good of the Senate, for the good of the Country, and for the good for the Democratic institutions that define us as Americans."

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