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This is what 'Some people did something' looks like

2,977 people lost their lives on September 11, 2001. Countless others lost their lives over the years as a result of that day as well. When a sitting Congresswoman like Ilhan Omar says "some people did something" - that touches the roots and heart of our country. It's clear this woman does not appear to love America like the rest of us. I do not believe she has our best interests at heart. I honestly wish there was a way to get her out of office, because anyone who downplays the events of 9/11 is basically laughing at us as a country and as a proud American, I am not OK with that.

We can disagree with each other all we want, but when tragedy strikes we all come together. That is what builds us as a nation of strength and resilience. We can talk trash about each other all day, but when someone attacks us, they attack us together and we fight back together. Then when it's over, we go back to our own fun and silly bickering.

We stand tall because we are Americans.


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