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Thug suckerpunches boy with brass knuckles
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Thug suckerpunches boy with brass knuckles

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  • Kane Millsap thought he was cool when he slipped on some brass knuckles, gave the camera the double middle fingers, and then sucker punched another boy from behind with the brass knuckles. He knocked the boy out and proceeded to beat the boy three more times. This was an unprovoked attack that left a boy with a messed up face and broken teeth. Kane Millsap was notified that the prosecutor will push for the full maximum sentence of 5-20 years that his unprovoked attack comes with. Millsap has a criminal history, being arrested his first time at 12 years old. The defense tried to say he has mental problems and get him out of being tried as an adult on the grounds that he needs treatment. Didn't work. His court day is in May. Credit LiveLeak for the video. Posted in Crime on April 4, 2017 and filed under crime, fight, thug.

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