Top Republican responds to rumor of living with pollster Frank Luntz

May 4, 2021 / 1.1K views

The rumors started swirling when Tucker Carlson dropped a mother of all bombs about who was renting a room from that pollster Frank Luntz.

Turns out it was Rep. Kevin McCarthy who later went on TV to admit he actually did rent a room for "a couple of months" from Frank Luntz who is a GOP pollster and corporate advisor.

However, McCarthy said he didn't know this would be controversial. Hmmmm.... OK, bro. Sure thing.

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CNBC came in hot with the details:

Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the top Republican in the House, admitted Tuesday that he rented a room for “a couple of months” from GOP pollster and corporate advisor Frank Luntz.

But McCarthy, during an appearance on Fox News, denied there was any conflict of interest in sharing a home with his longtime pal Luntz, a commucations consultant for Republican causes and corporations.

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McCarthy’s chuckling confirmation came a day after outraged Fox News host Tucker Carlson first reported the California Republican’s curious living arrangement with Luntz in downtown Washington. McCarthy told Fox News he paid “fair market rate” for the room to Luntz.

Records reviewed by CNBC indicate that Luntz bought that three-bedroom, 3½-bath, 1,740 square-foot penthouse apartment in 2018 for more than $1 million.

How much are people paying Frank Luntz to do whatever he does? Sheesh, the guy makes little polls and gets a home for that much? OK, maybe he does some consulting too, but wow... I guess we're all in the wrong business!

Source: cnbc

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