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Trump asks Fox News reporter if he works for CNN, then says 'you know that's a false story'

April 1, 2020 / 1.9K views

President Donald Trump lashed out at Fox News reporter John Roberts over a question pertaining to Trump disbanding the pandemic team. Trump suggests that Roberts is reporting a false story. After some quick research via Google search, it turns out that there's conflicting reports about how to describe what happened with the pandemic response team.

Yes, the team was disbanded. But, many of the members were actually placed in other positions and therefore considered "streamlined."

The problem lies within the way people describe it - so many people will say "Trump got rid of the whole team" and they will purposely leave out the second part that tells people the staffers were placed in different positions.


This is all explained in a fact check article on Reuters.

So technically speaking, yes that particular unit was disbanded, but some members were given different employment placements. It's not like they were just all sent home. It was more of a reorganization.

Trump calls it a false story because he's aware members went to other positions during the "streamline" process. John Roberts might be suggesting that the team was disbanded, but either he's unaware that members were placed elsewhere, or he left that out for a reason.


Either way, there's a very easy solution to all of this.

Just call them back! Call the entire pandemic response team back to the office and say "how do we fix this?"

Common sense, I know...

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